R&D Facilities

R&D Facilities

Equipment introduction

At PLA GIKEN CO., LTD.'s R&D centers, we house a variety of peripheral equipment,
such as test extrusion equipment, all developed in-house.

Equipment introduction Equipment introduction Equipment introduction Equipment introduction

Test extrusion machines

Multilayer tube extrusion line

This machine is our flagship and features the highest versatility among the test extrusion machines at PLA GIKEN CO., LTD. By combining multi-layer tubing heads with extruders, at 50 mm, 35mm and 20mm in size, it is possible to mold tubes in a wide range of sizes, or with multi-layer structures made from multiple resins. Equipped with cooling bath vacuum calibration and back pressure regulation units, etc., this multilayer tube extrusion system allows for various customizations, so as to exactly meet customer requests for process development support and prototyping.

MVE-S visualization extruders(film-forming machines)
MVE-S: “Transparent” film extrusion line

This extrusion system is specialized for film and sheet production. Its 40-mm-diameter single-screw extruder has a custom specification that features “windows” on the cylinder, and this allows us to visually confirm the melting process of the polymers used. The molding machine is also equipped with a 420-mm-diameter cast roll and a 200-mm-diameter pressure roll, and a take-up machine and winder are installed at the back-end of the line.

(medical-use tube-forming machinery)

This is an extrusion device designed for the purpose of developing small-diameter medical tubes and catheter shafts, which we have been focusing on in recent years. Equipped with three 15-mm-diameter extruders, this machinery can meet a variety of molding needs, such as single-lumen, multi-lumen, and multi-layer tube molding, as well as coating on wire while switching resins, with special extrusion heads developed exclusively in-house. It also features a cooling bath that supports vacuum calibration and back pressure regulation units, providing advanced dimensional control.

MDX-mini / MIX-mini
MDX-mini / MIX-mini

Despite a small size of about 3 m in total length, these units feature the equipment and functions necessary for core wire coating, including three small extruders. Special extrusion heads can also be used, and, as the younger siblings of the MD-XCT, these units can play an active role as support machines for product prototyping.

Analytical equipment


Rheometers measure resin viscosity and viscoelasticity. At our company, the shear rate at each temperature and other data are used in extruder design.

Flow path simulation

In cooperation with external partners, we can create 3D design drawings of various molds, such as for T-dies. By simulating resin flow, we can verify the flow path design.

Other equipment

We have vertical braiding devices (braiders),
3D scanners, and 3D printers at the ready.

We can bring
your product ideas to life.

For customers that are considering purchasing equipment from us,
we will first create a
prototype for you. Please provide information
such as the dimensions and the materials that you want to mold.

First of all, just reach out to us with an inquiry.