Products & Solutions

Our Capabilities

Exclusively in-house, we design
and manufacture a diverse range of
extrusion-related equipment that
best matches the customer’s needs.

Screw size:6–200 mm in diameter

Melt pumps: 0.2–60 cc in output volume
Fluoropolymer-compatible corrosion-resistant products also available


Tube dies
Various types, such as single layer, multi-layer, multi-lumen

Coating dies

Sheet and film dies
Various types, such as multi-manifold and field block

Blow dies

Strand dies, monofilament dies

Dies with irregular shapes

Downstream equipment

Water cooling tanks

Various sizing units
Vacuum low-pressure sizing, high-pressure sizing, dry sizing

Internal pressure devices

Stretching devices

Vulcanizing devices

Materials handling

Take-up machines, pullers

Winding machines
Dancers (tension control devices), accumulators

In addition to the above, we develop a wide range of in-line
equipment, such as corrugators and
tube stretching devices, etc.,
in response to customer requests, all in-house.

Achievements in extrusion
machine development

One each of these pages, we introduce the molding equipment that we
have worked with in the past.

Why Pla Giken is chosen?
We don’t simply offer machines;
we offer “solutions”.

In every step of manufacturing—from
process development to equipment’s
pre-shipment inspection, we ensure
customer’s reassurance and satisfaction.
  • Prototype molding
    Before building actual machines, we make a prototype of the molded product as desired by the customer via extrusion equipment at our R&D facilities.
    R&Go to R&D Facilities
  • Validation Test Runs
    Before any equipment is shipped, we prototype the product again using the actual machine and in the presence of the customer. Production can then be started as soon as the delivery and installation of the actual machine is completed.

Ordering flow for extrusion equipment

We do everything custom-made, right from when
the customer tells us exactly what they want.
Whatever they need, we listen.

  • 1. Inquiry and
     Inquiry and consulting  Inquiry and consulting
    We simply listen to the dreams and ideals of the customer.
  • 2. Planning
    2. Planning 2. Planning
    We visualize the customer's
    ideals and bring them to life via
    drawings and configuration
  • 3. Estimate
    creation up to
    making an order
    Estimate creation up to making an order Estimate creation up to making an order
  • 4. Design and
    4. Design and production 4. Design and production
    technology can give shape to
    customer ideals.
  • 5. Trial runs
    試運転 試運転
    At our industrial facilities, we take responsibility all the way through to when we have finally established the right set of process parameters, along with the right machine operation techniques, for making the desired products, i.e., until we can prove that we indeed have captured the customer's true ideals.
  • 6. Delivery and on-site commissioning
    Delivery and on-site commissioning Delivery and on-site commissioning
    Work at PLA GIKEN CO., LTD. is not over until the customer is fully satisfied. This is how the long-lasting relationships that we have with our customers are begun.

We can bring
your product ideas to life.

Please feel free to contact us with the specification
of your product & process,
such as dimensions, materials and production speed;

we will offer the right equipment.